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Jujube is a modern asian fusion restaurant and memorable dining experience in Chapel Hill, NC. Our cuisine is rooted in the flavors of China and Vietnam, distilled and whimsically refined with western sensibilities. Part of creating an inspired dining experience is getting out of the way and allowing tradition and the beauty of nature to show through, and part of it is putting your individual stamp on each dish. Jujube does both by weaving classic Asian dishes along with one-of-a-kind creations born from our hearts into one, eclectic menu.


Dessert Wines, Teas, and Cocktails

Dessert Wines                                                                         


Santa Julia Torrontes “Tardio” (Argentina)                                                         5

            -Reminds me of a cleaner, lighter, and fresher version of Sauternes.

Croix des Vainqueurs Vouvray Liqoureux (France)                                             13

-Very sexy, very long, very bright.  Sweet Chenin Blanc you lovely thing.

Tabali Riserva Botrytis Muscat (Chile)                                                                  6

            -Surprisingly nuanced and exotic, especially at this price.

Chateau St. Vincent Sauterne 2009 (France)                                                        9

            -Classically bright apricot goodness.

Chapoutier Billa Haut Rivesaltes  (France)                                                           10

            -Sweet Grenache that is savory and great with chocolate.

Klein Constantia Vin de Constance 2008 (South Africa)                                     18

-Ambrosia that has literally inspired poetry through the ages.  We’re not kidding.  Glorious flavors of mangos, apricots, and honey coaxed from Muscat grapes.

Quita do Crasto Late Bottle Vintage Port 2008 (Portugal)                                  7

            -The yang to the tawny’s yin (or is it the other way around?)  More red fruits and juice.

Ferreira Tawny Port (Portugal)                                                                               5

-Does exactly what I want a tawny to do.  Nutty and rich, but not too sweet.

Taylor-Fladgate 20 year Tawny Port (Portugal)                                                   16

-So elegant and impressive.  Bright but nutty and very, very sexy.

Dios Baco Pedro Ximenez Sherry (Spain)                                                                6

-At the crossroads of dessert wine and dessert sauce.  Rich toffee and coffee.


Dessert Cocktails

Minh O’Hagan                                                                                                         

-Vietnamese coffee with sweet milk and Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey.

Kir Caffe                                                                                                                   

-Vietnamese coffee, coconut milk, crème de cassis, served up

Brown Buttered Bourbon                                                                                        

-Served warm with brown butter, brown sugar, brown liquor and spices.


Premium Teas

Green Teas                                                                                                  

Dragon Well classic, clean green tea flavors                                                    

Jasmine clean green tea qualities with a lovely floral touch                    

Oolong Tea

Tie Guan Yin- The Iron Goddess of Mercy –smooth with hints of peach     

Black Tea

Yunnan Province Premium Black Tea- full and rich                                           

Herbal Teas

Hibiscus- fruity and loaded with tangy citrus tones                                     

Peppermint-lemon verbena- completely refreshing                                        

Chamomile- delicate and calming