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Jujube is a modern asian fusion restaurant and memorable dining experience in Chapel Hill, NC. Our cuisine is rooted in the flavors of China and Vietnam, distilled and whimsically refined with western sensibilities. Part of creating an inspired dining experience is getting out of the way and allowing tradition and the beauty of nature to show through, and part of it is putting your individual stamp on each dish. Jujube does both by weaving classic Asian dishes along with one-of-a-kind creations born from our hearts into one, eclectic menu.




BBQ pork belly

Chicken & basil


Vegetable Gyoza

Pan-fried pork & cabbage

Lightly crisped pork & shrimp

Small Plates

Vietnamese salad rolls - peanut sauce  |  7

Crispy calamari - dipping sauces  |  10

Yellow tomato gazpacho – bell pepper, red onion, Thai chili, micro Thai basil, croûtons  |  7

Cha gio – Vietnamese style pork, shrimp & mushroom spring rolls, lettuce, herbs, dipping sauce  |  11

Spicy oyster mushroom soup - coconut milk, chili, lime, cilantro  |  8

Warmed & crispy kale – orange, house-candied pecans  |  9

Sweet potato fritters - black vinegar sauce  |  8

Bibb salad - bibb lettuce, grilled corn, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions & peppers, goat cheese, pistachios, 
Thai basil vinaigrette  |  9

Bún – Vietnamese Noodle Salad

Shredded lettuce, napa cabbage, pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, cucumber, crispy shallots & your choice of topping:

Crispy Delight soy protein or grilled chicken  |  11

Lemongrass grilled beef  |  13

Banh Mí – Vietnamese Sandwich

Toasted baguette, carrot, daikon, fresh herbs, cucumber, sweet chili mayo, jalapeños, Asian slaw & your choice of topping:

BBQ pork, crispy Delight soy protein or grilled chicken|  11

Lemongrass grilled beef  |  13

Large Plates

Peanut noodles - wheat noodles, spinach, scallions, spicy peanut sauce  |  10

Citrus-basil yellow curry - mushrooms, broccolini, carrots, bok choy, green beans|  11

Jujube Pad Thai – stir-fried NC shrimp, rice noodles, peanuts, bean sprouts, egg, tangy tamarind sauce|  13

Jujube Bolognese - hoisin & ginger braised pork, scallions, wide rice noodles|  12

Vietnamese crêpes - pork, shrimp, vegetables, herbs, dipping sauce|  13

Grilled lemongrass beef salad - cucumber, cilantro, chopped peanuts|  13

Pan-fried crab & shrimp cakes - sweet potato-spinach green curry|  13

Pork bulgogi - marinated pork, egg noodles, bell peppers, shiitake mushrooms|  13

Kung Pao - Chicken or crispy Delight soy protein, blackened chili, garlic, scallions, peanuts, broccolini|  12

Mongolian Pork Ribs - hickory smoked grilled ribs, Mongolian-teriyaki sauce, Asian slaw|  14


Please inform your server of any allergies you may have. Latex gloves are used in kitchen preparation.
Eating undercooked foods can increase your chances of contracting food-borne illness.

Any party of six or more may have a suggested gratuity of 18% added to the final bill.