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Jujube is a modern asian fusion restaurant and memorable dining experience in Chapel Hill, NC. Our cuisine is rooted in the flavors of China and Vietnam, distilled and whimsically refined with western sensibilities. Part of creating an inspired dining experience is getting out of the way and allowing tradition and the beauty of nature to show through, and part of it is putting your individual stamp on each dish. Jujube does both by weaving classic Asian dishes along with one-of-a-kind creations born from our hearts into one, eclectic menu.

Past Dinners & Events

Madeira of Henriques & Henriques

Jujube Chapel Hill

Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 7 p.m.

A second chance at a dinner I was looking forward to as much as any I've done.  We'd originally scheduled Jake Parrott of Haus Alpenz to join us for a dinner back in December 2017 and I was so excited!  I love his entire portfolio and had just discovered the wonders of high quality Madeira.  But, alas, circumstances required that we had to cancel the dinner and, well, it's not like he's in town all the time so I, and those of you who were signed up, had to wait... until now!  Because Jake is coming back!

Writing the menu for this special wine dinner had me pulling out my stash of kimchi. Join us for the dinner at Jujube to try the dish that resulted from my tasting trial!

Writing the menu for this special wine dinner had me pulling out my stash of kimchi. Join us for the dinner at Jujube to try the dish that resulted from my tasting trial!

Henriques & Henriques is generally regarded as one of the top houses on the small island of Madeira, and we’re happy to also feature these.  Production of premium Madeira is miniscule and laborious, so these wines are truly a treat with quite a history.  In fact, back in the day, the American colonies were some of the biggest consumers of Madeira, and some random barrels that accidentally made the trip both ways across the Atlantic, established the style of modern Madeira.  But I'll leave that story to Jake.

What’s more, they’re vastly underrated in terms of how well they pair with food.  To give you a clear picture of the scope of Madeira, we'll be pouring the five primary grapes and styles, to showcase their subtle differences and versatility with food.  From the assertively bright Sercial, to the rich and succulent Malvasia.  

In addition, because Haus Alpenz has one of the most impressive selections of vermouth around, we'll be showcasing a few of those as a special, post-dinner tasting.  Several years ago, I did a taste test among numerous bar patrons and the results were clear; good vermouth is more important than good base spirit in a cocktail.  It makes the drink.    So we'll have some of my favorites from his book available to taste and purchase. 

You know we love our wine dinners here at Jujube, and there’ve been plenty that I’ve gotten excited about, but this will be a unique experience that is sure to open your eyes.  Seriously.  You're gonna want to be here.

The Menu

Half-sour cucumbers and country ham with Chinese mustard
Henriques & Henriques Rainwater Madeira

Sichuan-style steamed clams with kimchi hushpuppies
Henriques & Henriques 10 year old Sercial Madeira

Daikon and mushroom cake with braised greens
Henriques & Henriques 10 year old Verdelho Madeira

Red-cooked pork cheek with Tanjin greens
Henriques & Henriques 10 year old Boal Madeira

Five-spice and coconut panna cotta with orange marmalade
Henriques & Henriques 10 year old Malvasia Madeira

Special Vermouth tasting to follow dinner 

$65 per person does not include tax and gratuity